What's Happening!

January 29
Open House
5:00 - 7:00 pm

February 25
Junior Vol. Training
5:00-7:00 pm
(ages 10-12)

February 28
Lesson Vol. Training
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
(ages 13 & up)



Download Volunteer Forms HERE!

STAR is 90% volunteer based and always welcomes new volunteers to be a part of our team.  With the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, STAR continues to provide life-changing experiences for our participants.

Our Therapeutic Riding classes are year round and consist of 5 sessions each year, i.e. Spring Session (11 weeks), Summer Session (8 weeks), Fall Session (11 weeks), Mini-Term (2 weeks), and Winter Session (6 weeks).


Minimum commitment of 1 ¼ hours per week; same day/time for duration of session
Dependable & responsible
Positive attitude
Able to work independently
Able to walk for 30 minutes; some jogging required
Adequate body size, strength, and experience for specified task
No horse experience necessary




Lesson Volunteers (13 years and older)
STAR’s Lesson Vols work directly with riders and horses during lessons. Assist participants with grooming and tacking; then sidewalk beside the rider during the mounted portion of each lesson. Minimum time requirement of 1 - 1/4 hours per week for the entire session.

Junior Volunteers (10-12 years old)
Junior Volunteers help with preparing the tack (equipment) for lessons and assists with barn chores. They are not directly involved with the lessons until age 13.  STAR provides training for our Junior Vols prior to the start of every session.

Barn Helpers
Get “up close and personal” with our equine partners! Assists with their bring-in and turn-out, grain distribution and stall cleaning. No weekly commitment is needed. This opportunity is very flexible for those who cannot commit to a set day/time. Additional training is required. 

Horse Leaders
STAR Horse Leaders provide our equine partners with consistent handling and direct commands.  This is essential in providing a safe environment for our riders, volunteers, and horses.  The horse leader helps guide the horse during the mounted portion of the lesson while being respectful of its needs.  To become a STAR Horse Leader, you must volunteer for at least one session, attend our Horse Leaders Workshop, and pass a certification test.  Horse Leader Workshops & Certifications will be held towards the end of every session.

STAR Guild
Great for adult volunteers who require a more flexible schedule or for those who have physical limitations. Help with baking, manning booths at fairs, concessions, cleaning, etc.

Facility Team
Facility volunteers help maintain fields, flower beds, fences, put up hay and much more.

Work Days
STAR gladly welcomes corporations, large or small groups, community organizations, church groups, etc. to assist with special projects or events, and to help maintain our 63 acre farm.  

All volunteers are required to complete STAR’s Volunteer Information & Release Forms.  Please click here to download the forms now.  All forms must be updated annually. 

To contact the Volunteer Coordinator, please call 865-988-4711 or email volunteer[at]rideatstar[dot]org

To view the STAR Calendar for training opportunities, click here.